CONFERENCE Dates Announced

  The third New Research on Gender in Political Psychology                     Conference   will be held from October 26-29th, 2017 at Saint Louis      University in St. Louis, MO.  


  The overarching purpose of the conference is to benefit the career         advancement of female scholars – with particular attention to women’s   multiple identities – through focused mentoring with regard to               research, teaching and service. To that end, our goals for the events      are to a) share and critique current research on gender and political      psychology in order to facilitate publication of participant research in      respected outlets, b) enable discussion and teaching of cutting edge      methods that can be applied to research on gender and political              psychology, c) create academic mentoring relationships between a      diverse group of advanced graduate students, assistant, associate,      and full professors, and d) facilitate the creation of a dense network of       scholars for future collaboration. The past conferences have been         particularly successful in helping participants produce high-quality          research in gender and political psychology, advancing to tenure track    and tenured positions, and creating a dense network. 


All interested participants must submit a one-page statement describing how they will help achieve the conference goals, foster collaborative and mentoring relationships, and how the conference will benefit them.

Additionally, if applicants wish to present a paper, a three-page summary of the paper’s theory, methods, and findings should be included. Scholars should anticipate that at the time of the conference the paper will be close to publication.

   How to Apply: To apply for the conference, assistant- and associate-      level scholars should submit their application online by May 1, 2017 by    clicking HERE. Advanced graduate students, post-docs, and PhDs not       in academia may also apply, but our priority will be to invite assistants       and associates. Applicants will be notified of their status by June 1st.

  The application will require:
   1) a one-page description of one scholarly project (basic theory,                 methods, and findings) that fits within the conference themes above;
   2) a brief, one-page curriculum vitae, including your graduate education,    professional appointments, courses you currently teach, and a list of          scholarly publications or activities that relate to the conference themes;    and
   3) a one-page “participant statement” focused on how you will help           achieve the goals of the conference, foster collaborative and mentoring    relationships with other conference participants, and how you might           benefit from this conference (including whether and how the conference    meets a need not met at your current institution).